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      SE TESTSYSTEMS CO., LTD, combined the elites engineers from Mechanical, Electronic, Software and Automatic Control filed, and devoted ourselves into the tester field in Connector inserting pulling force test, notebook hinge life test, push-key life test and compression/ tension/torque tests…etc. We keep improving our professional technology and insisting to supply the best quality. In many years effort, we have had the most capable products admired by vast domestic and international customers. Especially our life testers and quality control equipments used in IT and communication industries.   

      The products developed by ourselves are : compression/tension testers, inserting/pulling force testers for connectors, Push-key load testers for Notebook, Operation-simulating life testers, Drop testers, Upper cover swiveling life testers for Notebook, Torque testers, Auto 5-step hinge torsion selectors…etc. We also research and develop Auto alignment device to overcome the clamp problem of connectors and perform automatic alignment of male and female connectors during the test without incurring single-sided aligning defect. We take the lead of using Windows version software. All tests are programmed by this software multifunctional, moreover, it is easy to learn and operate to meet customers’request.

      After several years proof in the market, we have had the most completely function of products line with steady quality to earn customers’appreciation. Take “inserting /pulling force tester for connectors “for example , we have over 90% market share in domestic, furthermore, we even have over 95% in cell phone factories! In additional, swiveling life tester for Notebook, Push-key life tester, Operation-simulating life tester… were adopted by Acer, Arima, Asustek, Compal, Quanta, FIC, and Twinhead such international well-know companies.








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