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      Auto Three Axes (XYZ) Load Tester

      For all kinds of compression tests.

      Coordinates setting , automatic stroke test , and value storage.

      Windows Chinese (English) version with data storage function (test conditions, load-distance curve, life curve and test report…etc.)

      NO.501   XYZ directions switch


      Test items
      ● Auto multipoint testing for regular products.
      ● Push-key (keyboard) curve testing . (Auto. Multipoint displacement)
      ● LCD press-resistant test. (Auto. Multipoint displacement)
      ● Compression life test. (Auto. Multipoint displacement)


      Optional Accessories
      ● Test of the load and displacement values for the conduction point.
      ● The impedance value setting of the conduction point.
      ● Active impedance testing system.



      ● Input X,Y coordinate randomly , and the tester will move automatically.

      ● Max. stroke and loading value input for testing automatically.
      ● Machine will pause or return while loading value reaches setting.
      ● Machine will pause or return while stroke value reaches setting.
      ● Test and output the diagrams of each stroke (0.01mm) and loading.
      ● Cross-shape cursor can trace the track of each test diagram, so as to determine the corresponding values of load and displacement. Minimum resolution is 0.01mm.
      ● Direct printout and storage. (Load-displacement curve , life curve and test report.)
      ● Data storage in hard disk (without limit.)
      ● The test conditions are programmed by computer pictures. (including test load, stroke , speed, frequency, and pause time…etc.)
      ● The title of the test report can be revised at any time. (either in Chinese or in English)
      ● The test report can be transferred to Excel file for editing or output through Network.


      Testing picture


      Model 9305S 9505S
      Units 5kgf、20kgf、50kgf
      Resolution 1gf 、 1gf 、 10gf
      Z axis stroke 100mm、200mm(Opition)
      Z axis Min.Stroke 0.01mm、0.001mm(Opition)
      Speed range 1-200mm/min
      X axis stroke 300mm 500mm
      Y axis stroke 200mm 300mm
      Transmission Ball Screw
      Drive motor Servo motor (3 axes)
      Dimension 670 (W)×460 (D)×1000 (H)mm 900 (W)×6200(D)×1000 (H)mm
      Weight 120kg 170kg
      Power AC 100V or 200V

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