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      Auto Inserting Pulling Force (Tension, Compression) Tester


      This tester can overcome the clamp problem of connectors and perform automatic alignment of male and female connectors during the test without single-sided aligning defect.

      With the active impedance testing system, the impedance value and the「load-displacement- impedance curve」can be produced in testing . For all kinds of connectors in inserting and pulling force tests. With fixtures and patented automatic core-finding device for accurate result. Windows Chinese (English) with data storage function. ( test conditions, displacement curve, life curve and test report, etc.)




      Standard Clamp / Fixtures

      Multi-function clamp and tips

      ●Match with all kinds of tips
      ●Hold connector precisely
      ●High-accuracy in testing
      NO.611、713 Patent

      Auto core-flinding device for entire row

      ●Patented auto core-finding device
      ●Auto central alignment in testing
      ●Without single-sided aligning defect.
      ●For holding all connectors.

      Oversized X-Y table

      ●For large-scale moving
      ●Max. movement : 75 x 75 mm
      ●For single-hole inserting/pulling test and retention force

      Normal Force fixtures

      ●Holding capacity∮0.5 -∮4 mm
      ●For Normal force test
      ●For the pin getting out from single hold connectors


      Optional Attachents
      NO.991 Option

      Channel milling machine

      ●For long connectors (DDR,PCI) or changeable connectors to keep it from over holding to deformed
      NO.715 Option

      Lifting appliances

      ●For the connectors with cable or higher testing products. (cell phone, PDA)
      NO.613 Option

      Single-pin retention force clamp

      ●For retention force testing
      ●Max. holding range 2mm
      NO.714 Option

      Auto core-finding device for single hole inserting/pulting

      ●Auto central alignment in testing
      ●For square or round pins (∮0.5 -∮4 mm)


      Test Items
      ● Connector single-hole inserting /pulling test ● Connector entire row inserting /pulling test .
      ● Connector inserting /pulling life test ● Connector single pin and plastic retention force test.
      ● Connector Normal Force test . ● Concurrent on-line with the contact impedance device (option). (Active impedance testing system)
      ● All kinds of compress, stretch destructive stage test.



      ● All test conditions are stored and programmed by computer pictures. Select from list or input the figures directly for setting. (including the testing items, movement direction, load range, stroke range, origin position , origin detector, speed total frequency , pause time, waiting position and pre-running frequency)

      ● Direct printout and storage of the diagrams. (displacement curve, load force life curve and test report).
      ● Load cells over-load protection against damage.
      ● Concurrent display Load-displacement and Life curves.
      ● Auto load origin functions with load value setting.
      ● Selectable units of N, lb, gf and kgf.
      ● Several load cells can be selected (2kgf, 5kgf, 20kgf, 50kgf, 200kgf or 500kgf )(option)
      ● With steel structure and servo motor, the tester can still keep accuracy after long using .
      ● Stop by limited values (Machine will stop once the figures are over the upper/lower limited values in life testing.)
      ● Test items : Max. load value , peak value , bottom value, the load value of distance, the distance value of load, inserting point resistance value(opt.), loading or distance resistance values. (opt)


      Test Report Output
      The Load-distance curves, life curve and test report cab be printed out on an A4 size paper from a printer directly .  

      ※ Pulling Load-distance Curve:

      ●Directly display and store each displacement and load value variation. (X is distance, Y is load)

      ●Cross-shape cursor can trace the track of each test diagram, so as to determine the distance values of load and displacement. Minimum resolution is 0.01mm (0.001mm)

      ●The curve can be stored in the computer for enlarging and shrinking at any time. Besides, “N” number of curve diagrams can also be designated on single A4 size sheet.

      ●Reel type curve diagram for browsing easily.

      ●Concurrent display of the 「Load-distance curve」&「Life curve」.

      ※ Life Curve:

      ●The title can be revised at any time.

      ●The max. min and average value of each curve can be displayed on the report.

      ●Display the specified lines of the upper and lower limited on the report .

      ●Concurrently display many sets of Life Curves.


      ※ Report:

      ●The test report can be produced automatically (A4 size), transferred to different file (like Excel) or output through network.

      ●The title can be revised at any time.

      ●Auto-calculation: Max. value, Min. value average values, difference value, standard difference value , and engineer capacity index.

      ●The specified upper and lower limit values can be entered for determining OK or NG.


      Additional Function (Option)
      一、Active Impedance(mΩ)Testing System MODEL:101R

      This system can test inserting pulling (pull or compress) force and contact impedance value at the same time. In addition, it will output the active impedance variation on 「Load-distance curve」. High speed test function (100times/sec) for more accurate values. For the Battery Connectors testing of cell phone and PDA. Load, distance and resistance value variation curve . Distance-load or distance-resistance value setting. (Multipoint function) Distance for max. resistance value. (Multipoint function) Single test and life test are available. Output the「Load-distance resistance life curve」.

      二、Widen Model MODEL : 1220 WS

      Column interval : 400 mm wide For big working piece test .

      NO.731 Option
      90 Peel-back fixture
      NO.733 Option
      Three-point bending fixture


      Model 1220S(Normal) 1220HS(High-Accuracy) 1220WS(Widen)
      Min Stroke 0.01mm 0.001mm 0.01mm
      Column interval 200mm 200mm 400mm
      Capacity 2kgf、5kgf、20kgf、50kgf、200kgf、500kgf
      Resolution 0.1gf 、 1gf 、 10gf 、 10gf 、 10gf 、 100gf
      Accuracy 0.2%FS
      Max. Stroke 150mm
      Speed range 1-200mm/min、1-300mm/min(Opition)、1-600mm/min(Opition)
      Transmission Ball Screw
      Drive motor Servo Motor
      360 (W)×260 (D)×1040 (H)mm 560 (W)×360 (D)×1340(H)mm
      Weight 70kg 100kg
      Power AC 100V or 200V



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